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I'm in the US. There are 33, public J plugs and 2, destination chargers. In Toronto, I see 12 destination chargers and around 40 J plugs on the map. In Toronto itself it's obviously not necessary. IMO indispensable if driving a BEV, for a few hundred bucks as a contingency plan, but to each their own. Yeah, to each their own. Sounds like a couple hundred dollars wasted to me. I've driven an EV daily for several years.

There is no conceivable trip where I'd plan on stopping for several hours at an L2 charger en-route, ever. They're just too slow for use on trips; they're for your home, your destination, or opportunity charging while shopping or something If I somehow mis-planned a route and needed just a bit more to make it, and the only thing nearby were a Tesla destination charger Or to a fast charger at a nearby car dealership for free. There has never been, and never will be, a time when having that adapter would've been useful.

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Are all the of the Tesler charge stations along rest stops and other public areas super chargers only? The "destination chargers", which will only charge you at 7. As neat as they sound and they do sound neat , I personally wouldn't trust them around my trusty Bolt, no matter how simple they may seem. Wires can still be wired incorrectly or poorly and result in damage to any of the involved parts charger, adapter, car.


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UL certification ain't gonna prevent that. I've seen UL-certified parts burn and melt, too. I know that the real TeslaTap's have electronics in them as mine is able to get past the Tesla Gen II test circuit where the other one I purchased else ware failed. Most will be 40amp, some 80amp.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. At this rate, recharging the battery from empty could take 16 to 20 hours—or more—which is too long for many people who need to use their EV every day. That cuts the total time to a more reasonable eight to 10 hours, or even shorter. The Chevrolet Bolt and all Tesla models have even faster chargers that can replenish up to 30 miles per hour.

Other new cars on the horizon, such as the second-generation Nissan Leaf expected next year will likely be in the same range. Some Teslas with optional faster kilowatt charger can charge at twice that rate—if you can find a Tesla charger that can supply that amount of power. Onboard chargers have power ratings that range from 3. These ratings govern the maximum amperage charging speed your car can use on a volt charging station. Typically, amp units can replenish almost 20 miles per hour of charging, compared with about 8 miles per hour for amp charging stations.

In addition, amp models provide some amount of future-proofing for upcoming cars that will have bigger batteries and provide longer ranges than the 80 to miles common today. Keep in mind that a higher-rated onboard charger can also use any slower EVSE, just as a faster EVSE can step down to charge a car with a slower onboard charger or connect to a lower-rated power circuit in your house. These ratings reflect the maximum capability of the components; your car will charge at near the maximum rate of the slowest-rated link in the chain.

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  • Some of these units can also check the Internet for the times when electricity rates are lowest in your area and automatically schedule charging for those hours. The labor cost can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands, depending on where the charger needs to go and where the electric panel is in your house. As EVSEs come in different sizes and use different electrical plugs, we recommend buying and receiving the charging station you want before hiring an electrician. That way the electrician will know what parts you need and will be able to find the best place to install it.

    Similarly, charging stations are available with different cord lengths. When we requested units for testing, we asked for the longest cord available. While most Level 2 EVSEs including all of those we tested and non-Tesla public charging stations use a standard J vehicle plug , Tesla uses its own proprietary Tesla connector and builds its own Level 2 charging station, called the Tesla Wall Connector. Teslas are the only cars that can use that much amperage, thanks to their optional kilowatt onboard chargers. If you drive a Tesla and you need to connect to a standard Level 2 public charging station, your Tesla came with an adapter that allows you to connect to a J plug.

    We started by closely examining the specs and costs of every readily available charging station we could find on the market. A good charging station insulates you from the high power that faster charging requires, making it safe for you to use the system. The unit ensures that all electrical connections are sealed and that all electrical systems are compatible before allowing the power to flow through the unit to your car. Next, we limited our test group to charging stations that plug into a wall outlet rather than requiring a professional, permanent installation.

    If you need a permanent install—for example, electrical codes in some areas require hardwired installation—all of the charging stations we ended up testing are also available as a hardwired model, usually for a lower price.

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    As we note in our guide to electric vehicles , we mainly recommend leasing electric cars , because the technology is advancing quickly and depreciation rates are steep. These are the most common outlets used by charging stations, and they let us test one model, then just move it out of the way, and mount and plug in the next one. We borrowed a Leaf SL from Nissan to test the chargers. For a month, we drove it to town, we took it shopping, and we went to class in it. When the low-battery warning indicator came on usually when the car had 11 percent battery charge remaining and showed 14 miles of its estimated range , we plugged it into one of our charging stations and recorded the time and mileage when we started the charging session and when it ended.

    Our biggest testing challenge was just driving the car enough to drain the battery so we could charge it. By the time our stint with the Leaf was over, we had tested and recorded multiple charging times for all the charging stations except for our portable pick. After we finished our tests with the Leaf, we borrowed a Chevrolet Bolt Premier, which has a faster onboard charger, to compare the two fastest units from our Leaf testing to see if we found any differences when charging the Bolt.

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