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They just make the whole trip a lot more, well, magical.


15 Disney Cruise Secrets

Here's what you can find and where:. Crafts In your Personal Navigator daily schedule, look for the several craft sessions offered to adults, often on offer during sea days. You can get your creative juices flowing as you assemble, among other things, your own scrapbook pages and tile coasters. Tip: To complete your tile coasters, give them a quick coat of acrylic paint when you get home.

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Pirate Night Bandana On many Disney cruises, there's an entire night devoted to the pirate life. On Pirate Night, you can look forward to a specially themed menu, music, deck party, and fireworks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Free Things Aboard Disney Cruise Line - Disney Tourist Blog

Here are some of my favorites. Did you know that if your sailing is not full, you can upgrade your room when you check in at the terminal for a fraction of what it would have cost you to upgrade in advance? You can read all of the details here in my post about port upgrades. I have read mixed reviews about whether they allow these cards to be carried over from cruise to cruise. I suggest asking the barista when you first receive the card so that you know for certain what the policy is at that time.

Also at the Cove Cafe and Vista Cafe you will find a glass case of snacks ranging from pastries to savory selections depending on the day and time. Even though drinks from these locations are an additional charge, the snacks are complimentary.

Secret Tips for the Disney Cruise Line 🤫

It is not clearly labeled so I think most people assume that there is a charge for them. In my experience, sometimes they want you to serve yourself and sometimes the CM wants to serve you, so just ask the barista before you dig in. Every day of your cruise, a specific drink will be featured as the drink of the day and have a discounted price. There is both an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version available each day. To find out what they are, just ask a bartender or check the daily navigator or navigator app.

Disney Cruise Secrets:

On the day that you board the ship, you can get 50 MB of internet for free if you sign up by midnight that day. The details will be in the navigator that you receive when you check in at the terminal. This offer is good per stateroom and can be shared among several devices. Some people have reported that each person in the same stateroom have been able to register separately and each get 50 mb, but I have not personally verified this and your milage may vary.

Be sure that the settings on your phone are as recommended by DCL and that you log out each time you use the internet, or else your 50 MB could get used up within seconds due to automatic upgrades or downloads. For all of the details about internet options onboard, including a copy of the instructions to make sure that all of the setting son your phone are correct, read my post about Connect Sea here.

Several times throughout your cruise, you will have the opportunity to attend a presentation about the Disney Vacation Club.